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~Litanies Of PRAISE~

~I found these in the back of my Bible's zip cover along with several other prayers and holy cards.
I wrote to the company that is written in them, and I did not receive a reply for permission to add them here,
I think it is okay to do so.
I added them here, just in case someone comes and feels like PRAISING GOD, JESUS!
Have a most beautiful Praising Day!~

~Here are the Scripture references to these Litanies Of PRAISE:

(Ps 34:1,  Mt 2:16,  Jas 5:13,   Ps 150:2,  Ps 92:1-3,  2Ch 20:22,  Ps 35:28,  Ps 51:15,  1 Pt 2:9,

Mt 18:3,  Ps 107:22,  Heb 13:15,  Ps 116:17,  Rev 5:11-14,  Rev 7:11-12,  Rev 19:5)



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~I scanned / saved some graphic frames from very old Annals I have, in black and white that I colorized, in some pages in this Prayers site.  I also saved some graphics taken from Google Images.  If I am not honoring the owner's copyright please let me know.  Thank you.~