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~Our Children Prayers~

~I recited this prayer for decades, then I lost it.

Like I wrote on the Homepage of this Prayers site, that I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me to add prayers here, I found this prayer in the back cover of my Bible's zip cover along with several other prayers and holy cards and misc. papers I had jotted things on.

For years I was saying it by heart, but then something happened in my life, that I didn't remember every words and slowly stopped saying it altogether, since I had lost it, or misplaced it.

I was especially happy to have found it, and yes I will continue to pray it, for the is a very touching and true 'mother's prayer' to me!

This prayer was written by a Mr. Mitch Finley who wrote in at the end of one day's reflection in the Living Faith daily reflections of the daily Mass Readings.

I had cut it so I could pray it daily, for this prayer touched my motherly heart to the core of my being.  I love my children with my whole heart.~

© Living Faith: Daily Catholic Devotions.  Used with permission.

~I found the two prayers below while searching online of an image, and my search brought me to this website:
I was touched because it's a website about mother Mary.  I then looked at their prayer links and found this prayer.
I prayed it right there for my son and daughter.  I though of it would be good if I could add it to my site.
I then wrote to them for approval to add it, I was granted the access to add it here.
I say thank you to them and Mother Mary for granting me this touching mother's prayer for her children.~

~When I wrote to have permission to add the 'Our Children Prayer', I had not written the title of that prayer but just wrote 'it is the very last prayer on the page".
When I receive the reply from a Mr. Leo he had inserted the prayer below to which I was pleasantly surprised to have received for, I do pray the prayer to my Guardian Angel.
I have never thought though, of praying to my children's Guardian Angels to assist them.
I thought you may want to pray this prayer also.~



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~I scanned / saved some graphic frames from very old Annals I have, in black and white that I colorized, in some pages in this Prayers site.  I also saved some graphics taken from Google Images.  If I am not honoring the owner's copyright please let me know.  Thank you.~