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~Padre Pio~

~Decades ago we met a very pious elderly couple while at St. Anne de Beaupré Québec, Canada for our yearly Novena there.  Our son and daughter were in their early teens then.  We became instant friends with that couple, may the both R.I.P.
Then one day we visited them in Southern Maine, while in their motor home for their yearly summer stay to a Monastery where the husband was taking care of the grounds and swimming pool for free stay of their motor home on the grounds.  She asked me if I had ever heard of Padre Pio, and I told her that I had not.  She then told us a lengthy introduction of him having the Stigmata (the five Wounds of Christ) ..., how she came to know him, how she received pieces of his Alb -white Robe- from a friend who went to see him ...  She then presented us four tiny pieces of white cloth, about a square inch big, and she had attached them to a safety pin on each.  That touched me deeply.  She gave us one for each, but my husband did not want one.
After that visit, that had touched me deeply, I started to look for literature about Padre Pio.  I am blessed that she was kind enough to have given me this piece of cloth.  For safe keeping it has been inside my little Rosary pouch in my handbag.  I had misplaced it several years back and when I found it I place it with my 'Travelling Rosary'.  That way it is always with me when I travel.
This prayer of intercession is touching as it prays what Padre Pio lived.  May you pray it wholeheartedly and trust in him.
St. Padre Pio, pray for us!~



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