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~St. Francis Of Assisi~

~St. Francis of Assisi is one of my most favorite saint.  I have a statue outdoors representing him, blessed by a Franciscan priest who had come give a retreat in our parish, and, I had asked him if a 'via air blessing was as good as touching the statue blessing'?  He proceeded to take a piece of paper, drew a Cross ( + ) with his pen, then told me to touch this cross to the statue and it would be the same as if he had come to bless it himself.

Because this first statue, formed in cement, then painted was deteriorating, I purchased a new and bigger one made of Resin, and I pressed that same paper against it so as to 'air bless' it with that cross.

The old cement statue I placed under one of our trees so it will deteriorate by nature.~



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~I scanned / saved some graphic frames from very old Annals I have, in black and white that I colorized, in some pages in this Prayers site.  I also saved some graphics taken from Google Images.  If I am not honoring the owner's copyright please let me know.  Thank you.~